Fiesta Rancho & Henderson - Cash Ball Official Rules

  • The first ball drawn on game #2 will be the Cash Ball for that session.
  • To be eligible to win the Cash Ball jackpot amount:
    1. Your paper pack must be validated on the back and the electronic receipt must have “validated” printed on it.
    2. You must Bingo on the Cash Ball number on a validated pack.
    3. The Cash Ball number must be the last number called.
  • The Cash Ball is only in effect on games 3 through 13. It is not valid on 2nd or 3rd chance coveralls, or any special progressive games or sessions.
  • Players are playing for the Cash Ball jackpot amount at the session they are playing.
  • Once the Cash Ball is won at a session, it is no longer valid at that session.
  • If there is no winner on the Cash Ball at a session, the jackpot amount carries over to the next day at that session.
  • Management reserves all rights.